Middle School News

 The Middle School used the Thanksgiving holiday last week to do some teaching with fun activities. Students had to read recipes, follow directions sequentially, and measure ingredients properly. They made cranberry sauce, and a yummy snack mix. To finalize the learning and fun, they participated in a Turkey Scramble. We are thankful for our Middle School staff for making learning fun!


Middle School News

ITS Middle School gives rewards for making positive choices! Mrs. Furtek's first Positive Choice Reward went to Zachary Levesque.
Select students from Middle School will participate in a moose hide tanning activity with their Passamaquoddy culture team. Watch for news of this coming soon


Indian Township

Donna Meader-York


Indian Township School is underway for the 2017-2018 school year, and we have all kinds of new things happening.  We have a new principal, and a number of new people joining our Indian Township School team.

Matthew Harvey joins us as our new principal. He is originally fromI Bangor, born and raised.  Mr. Harvey earned his MBA from Husson University. He has worked in many different areas which has shaped his perspective. Recently he has worked at Penobscot Job Corps in Bangor, and Penobscot Valley High School / Hichborn Middle School in Howland. He believes in openness and communication. This year he is resetting our focus on the fact that everything we do should be for the benefit of our students.  He has also challenged his staff to talk with our students about their dreams and help them set a vision for the future. Mr. Harvey can be reached at mharvey@indtwpsch.net  We feel lucky to have found him and look forward to a successful school year.

Next, we welcome Shannon Brown as our new Health and Phys. Ed. teacher, Jarod Guillette as our Middle School Science teacher, Carolyn Tinker as our 4th grade teacher, and Lydia Soctomah as our new 2nd grade teacher.  We also welcome Avis Miller, and Lacie Cropley, as new Ed. Techs.  Welcome to Betty Niles as assistant Cook. Betty is no stranger to our kitchen. She worked with us most of the school year last year as a long term substitute. We are pleased to have her on board permanently. With these additions to our team, we can’t help but soar to greater heights this year.

The Book Fair will be open until Tuesday September 19. Daily hours are 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM, and 1:00 to 3:00 PM. Please note when coming to the book fair with your child, that we are closed from 11:30 – 1:00 for lunch and lunch coverage.

Students and staff will enjoy attending the Indian Township Health Center’s annual Health Fair on Thursday Sept 14. Soccer for children in grades K through 2 has started on Mondays and Wednesdays through the After School Program. Watch for news about the After School Program’s offerings on our web site indiantownshipschool.net, on our school facebook pages Motahkomiqewi Skulhawossol Indian Township School, and Indian Township School After School Program.

Last spring, we started our Three Sisters School Garden. Throughout the summer, summer squash and zucchini grew in abundance, and was harvested and dropped off at our food pantry. Once school started, we kept our produce and our cook, Ms. Tonya, made a wonderful Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cake and served it for lunch, and also fresh summer squash cut up on the salad bar to enjoy raw and dipped in ranch dressing. Both of these creations were a hit with the children. We look forward to whatever else Ms. Tonya comes up with for our zucchini. What is more important is that the students are learning about food sustainability, and about growing our own food supply.

At the end of our school year last year, things were a little hectic, and we forgot to report a very important piece of news. Chayeden Newell, grade 3, had perfect attendance for the entire school year! This is quite the feat. Chayeden did not miss a single day of school, and with that kind of commitment to his education, Chayeden will go far. Congratulations Chayeden, we are very proud of you!

Cross Country Track has started! Our first track meet will be in Calais next Wednesday, September 21. That’s all the news for this week. Until next week, take care of you, and never stop learning.

Annual Parent Compact Meeting

The annual meeting of the Title 1 Compact Committee will be held on Friday, May 12, 2017 at 10:00 AM in the school.  The committee, comprised of school, parent, and community representatives, encourages and welcomes any parent who wishes to attend.

Title 1 Notice to All Parents and Community Members

A Title 1 Review will take place at the school next Tuesday, May 15, beginning at noon to 1:30 PM in the school Foyer.  In order to meet the needs of all parents, school representatives will also go to the tribal office and health center throughout the week of May 15 to speak with parents and community members about the Title 1 and school improvement efforts.  Also, Sister Carol will be available in the Tech Office anytime during that week.

All who take part in the Title 1 Review and School Improvement Survey ( parents, former parents, and community members) will be entered to win one of several prizes: 2 Walmart $50 gift cards, and 2 Walmart $25 gift cards.

Please know your efforts are appreciated.

Sister Carol LeTourneau, Title 1 Coordinator

Middle School Update

Grades close for the second trimester on March 10, and report cards will be mailed on March 17th. 

There is something new going on in the Middle School! Each week, the students will have a choice of a physical activity, or a quiet activity, during a set time once a week. This activity period is meant to build community, cooperation, and of course, fun.

Student Led Conferences will be held on Thursday, March 16 from 1:30 - 2:30 in The Middle School building. Students are excited to share a display of their best work as well as reflect on their goals, both academic and personal. Parents are encouraged to join us for that hour in the afternoon to share in their child'e academic growth.

Parent / teacher conferences are available upon request. Please contact your child's homeroom teacher.

Basketball Playoffs!

Indian Township School Girl's Basketball team will play Woodland in the playoffs on Thursday February 9 at Woodland.

Indian Township School Boy's Basketball team will play at home in the playoffs on Thursday February 9.

And We Have...Pickles!

Mrs. Cox's 8th grade science class recently learned how to make pickles. Little did they know that they would learn science and math in the process! They also learned how to be responsible for a specific task and follow it through. Watch for raffle tickets for these delicious pickles, as 8th graders raffle pickles to raise funds for their 8th grade trip at the end of the year.

School Calendar Changes

It has been necessary to change some dates for Teacher In-service days on our school calendar.

October 11th, and 28th are now Staff In-service days. no School for students. To make up for these changes, there now WILL be school on October 7, December 9, and March 17 for students. Please see the calendar for these changes.

Phone Issues

We are having problems with our phone lines. Repair people have been notified, and we are waiting for them to be fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you can't get through on the school line, please try 796-8020. If that fails, you may leave a message on our Facebook page; Motahkomiqewi Skulawossal, Indian Township School. Thank you for your patience.

Reading Buddies

Grade Four has teamed up with Pre-K and Kindergarten students and formed reading buddies! Grade four students get lots of practice reading, and the younger students get stories and a role model to look up to.